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About Us

Who TF are we?

Topple and Burn is as much a campaign of rage as it is a jewellery brand. We started out as a charity fundraiser, and raising money for the things that matter is still a huge part of what we stand for. We are passionate activists who believe in every cause we shout about. If that's on social media, our campaigns or with our jewellery.

We're a small team that's growing steadily. We're proud of our working environment, suppliers and wages and use sustainable materials wherever possible.

Over the years we've been sent countless stories of people feeling empowered wearing our jewellery, important conversations started, minds opened and Tories offended. It warms our hearts no end. MPs wear our jewellery, as do Hollywood stars, pop stars and comedians.


Our Story

Born by total accident in the summer of 2017, Topple and Burn began as a way for founder Libby to raise some funds for her refugee charity Calais Action.

After having one single Fuck the Tories necklace made in 2016
for her own personal rage, a year later she made a really shit webpage in an attempt to sell some more of the same necklace by pre order to friends and give the profits to Calais Action.

The necklace went viral, catching the attention of the national press and a bunch of celebrities such as Lily Allen. Hundreds and hundreds of orders came in over the coming weeks, but no one was able to make them fast enough. A shit show ensued, but the newly made team pulled it off. Day jobs were quit, more designs followed, demand was high and a company was formed. Back then we were simply called "Fuck the Tories". In 2020 we changed our name to Topple and Burn to represent the wider causes we cared about, donated to and made jewellery for.

Meet The Team

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